Ceramic Infrared Original
Ceramic Infrared Original
Ceramic Infrared Original
Ceramic Infrared Original

Ceramic Infrared Original

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  • Ceramic Finished Plates

  • Infrared Output

  • Heats up to 450°F

  • 360° Swivel Cord

  • Dual Voltage

  • Temperature Control



Dryness and frizz comes from positive ions in the hair. Soleil’s IR Plus Flat Iron releases a large amount of negative ions, neutralizing the positive ions and reducing the amount of frizz and static. The ionic heat from Soleil’s IR Plus Flat Iron dissipates the water molecules in your hair, breaking them into smaller droplets that absorb into the hair. Moisture is then locked within the hair cuticles, providing a protective barrier and reducing chemical and bacteria build-up. Our ionic technology balances the properties of each strand of hair, sealing and smoothing the cuticles, and turning your dull, dry hair into smooth, shiny, beautiful locks.


With Soleil’s IR Plus Flat Iron, no direct heat is applied to your hair, preventing heat damage. Our infrared technology generates penetrating heat deep inside the hair cuticle, heating from the inside out and protecting the outer layer of hair. Your hair is heated evenly and gently in half the time, reducing heat exposure and damage.


A 9-foot cord with swivel mechanism ensures your styling process goes smoothly without cord tangles.

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